What Clients Say

Just wanted to let you know everything is delicious! Wow !!! The Pineapple salsa was amazing!!!! Pork was out of this world as well…asparagus fantastic!! We feel like we ordered in from a 5 star restaurant but better – b/c there is so much food …. My father is here with us and he can’t believe this service exists. We always drive to Charlotte for celebration dinners but agreed this was wayyyy better – we would rather have the celebrations here and have you prepare the meal in the future. Wow again!!!

Stacy L

I am so impressed with all the food you made today. Wow! My family loves the food as well. Looking forward to next month. Thanks! We have loved all the meals that you’ve made and wished we had more. I’ve already used up all four of the five and only have one left.

Janie C

We just ate the last meal you prepared. I think the fish tacos and short ribs were our favorites. My son and I really loved the Tilapia Baja Tacos. We almost finished it all that night! Lots of oohs, aahs, and yums!

Renee D

YUMMMM!!!! Loved those green beans with mushrooms… LOVED THE Brussel Sprouts!! Amazing, thank you!

Michael F

The chicken picata was fantastic! Everything was a hit this past week. My mom was very grateful for having prepared meals as an option. Thank you for leaving us some yummy meals!! Thanks for your flexibility.

Kerri J

The scampi fettuccine was delicious, I ate way too much. My husband enjoyed it as well. The Beef vegetable soup was Wonderful! We used the last Pot Roast tonight and it was our favorite so we must have more of that.

Helene L

Call Lynette! She is AWESOME and you won’t regret it!! Use your gift certificate – best thing in the world. You wife is going to LOVE me for this gift!!!!!!

Jackie M

All of the food from last time was wonderful! One week we just ate your food for dinner. It gave me the biggest break from all of my special needs cooking responsibilities I’ve had in many years which was very nice.

Teresa M

Amazing Dinner!! So great that my daughter is requesting it for her birthday dinner (grouper, hash browns, tomatoes). A new fav. Thanks You!

Kathy M

We LOVE the food. It is great…..we definitely would like to use you again this month. Thanks again….

Shaun T